Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Taste and See that the Lord is good!

That title seems so fitting. Taste and see that the Lord is good. All my life I've known He's good. I've tasted and seen Him before. But now, how much more do I know and love him! How much more have I tasted and seen Him! It is absolutely impossible to even scratch the surface of all that has happened since I arrived at Eagle Rock only 1 week ago. Since I became a YWAMer - or, as someone joked, a WAMlet. :)

My faith is already growing in leaps and bounds in this short time! I feel like I have learned more in this last week than I have in the last YEAR, perhaps more. God is growing me and shaping me more and more every day into who He wants me to be. Into who He has CALLED me to be. I have experienced the Holy Spirit in ways I never thought possible, and have been moved to tears by Him several times already. I am learning to say yes to God, no matter WHAT He asks, as I have a bracelet that daily reminds me. I am learning to be humble before Him. I am learning to hear His voice and listen to Him speak to me. I am learning the importance of having Jesus time every day - 50 minutes alone with Jesus every morning has been crazy amazing. I am learning to not judge others, as is so easy to do. I am learning (absolutely LOVING) to live in close, oh SO close community with my brothers and sisters. Already we feel as if we have known each other for years and freely share how the Lord is working in our lives.

Every time I think about it, I am blown away by Jesus. By the fact that I'm actually here - HERE, on top of a stunningly gorgeous mountain. By the fact that I'm surrounded by brothers and sisters who are constantly loving on me, encouraging me, and praying for me, as I am for them. By the fact that I get to live every moment with my Prince. By the fact that the Lord would choose to reveal Himself to me, and speak to me! By the fact that incredible men and women of God can daily show me more of Him. By the fact that I'm actually in YWAM!! I've dreamed about it for so long, and now I'm actually here.

God is so good. Don't ever doubt that.

God has called each of us. He has chosen each of us. For what? To be world changers and kingdom shapers. He has given us everything, absolutely EVERYTHING we need. We only need believe.

So trust Him. Because He is good.

I am so blessed.


Ronald Skorstad said...

Hi Liz-
Good to read about your journey and all the God is doing with you. We are so pleased at the woman you have grown to be and your passion for Christ is heartwarming. We know the lives you touch along the way will undoubtedly be enriched by you evangelism. May God continue to bless you and keep you in his guiding arms.
Love from the Skorstads...

Ronald Skorstad said...

Hi Liz-
We are so pleased at the woman you have grown to be. Surely God has a plan for you and with no doubt in our minds, you will glorify his name. We love reading about your journey and will drop in and say hello from time to time. Just know our prayers are with you.
Love from the Skorstad's... :-)