Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Treasure the Moment

I've been thinking about my time a lot lately. It flies by so fast. Before I even notice. And the worst is when all of a sudden, that thing I take for granted is gone. Or, I have such good intentions of doing something. Of serving, especially. But in the moment, I forget. Then later, I look back and say, "Well, I'll do better next week." But then, all of a sudden, you realize. There is no next week. It's done. You're opportunity's gone. While wasting your time away hoping for a better opportunity, you lost the perfect one you had to minister. To serve. To love.

This has hit me especially hard because I'm a senior this year. And for me, HPA has always been there. I've always had the opportunity, every week (except for a few lonely months in spring after the show has ended) to spend time with amazing, strong, Christian friends. To be encouraged. And, even more so, to be an encourager. I've just been blessed to always have that opportunity. And so, this year, after cast lists came out, as I was thinking about the upcoming rehearsals, I had this sense of urgency - it's my last year! And so, every week, all fall, I would have this great motivation. I would even be thinking about how I wanted to serve, and put other people's desires before my own, on the way there. But, I am very ashamed to say, that all too often I didn't remember that once I was there. The busyness of rehearsal just sort of choked it away. Sure, I occasionally remembered... and those were the days where I was most fulfilled at the end of the day! But somehow it never seemed to happen as much as I wanted it to. I would lay in bed and think about it at night, and just think, "Well, I'll do better next week." But now... There IS NO NEXT WEEK! Our normal rehearsals are over. We're at tech week! Not that I can't serve during tech/show week, I most certainly do, and find those are the times I grow the most.

I guess I'm just trying to get at how quickly our time goes by. And before we realize it, it's gone. So look at your life. What do you wish you would be doing differently? Are you? Next time you're doing something you enjoy (or even something that you don't), that you always think will be there, or with someone you always think will be there, just pause. And treasure the moment. Treasure the fact the the Lord has blessed you. With whatever it is you're doing. Whatever friends or family are right next to you. Because things are gone... we are gone... before we even realize it. So treasure the moment. Every moment. If for no other reason than the fact that you are alive and God has given you another day, another breath. Treasure the moment.


Mrs. LeRoy said...

Well said, Elizabeth. We all need to be reminded to listen to God's voice daily and follow His leading. Treasure each person, treasure each day, treasure each moment. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Lindsey said...

yes. This is my heart. So, so glad that someone else feels the same way. :)

Love you so.