Sunday, October 30, 2016

I found... People

Earlier this year, I set out on a grand adventure leading a group of five rambunctious teen and twenty-somethings around the world, ready to embark on the seeming greatest journey of our lives. With the fire of passion and excitement for Jesus and the nations in our eyes, we were ready to change the world, advance the Kingdom of God, and see his glory made known all over the globe. Our bags were packed and we were ready; by the time we arrived at the airport, I was so full of excitement I was sure I was going to explode. I love travel, I love Jesus, I love outreach.

And then, somewhere in the midst of those long flights and new food and beautiful places and ministry, I found something I didn't realize I was missing... people.

Not just a new stamp on my passport.
Not just a beautiful ocean, jungle, river, mountain, city.
Not just a new culture.
Not just the homeless.
Not just refugees.
Not just tourists.
Not just a restaurant staff.

But people. A person. A face, a life, a name, a story. Scooter. Ashley. Ahmed. Lily. Cherie.

Living, breathing humans who are not different than us. Who've been through good things and bad, and have dreams for their life.

In the midst of desiring to see God move in a large scale, I stood face to face with individuals. I stared into their eyes and saw pain, joy, hopelessness, dreams, loneliness, hunger, peace, fear, love. I heard their stories. I loved them, and they me... and we became friends. From this place of friendship I was able to share of Jesus, or just speak truth into their life.

Missions is people. People are life.
Missions is life.

Love people today, wherever you are. Stand up for the Truth. Encourage someone. Remind them of hope. Let them know they're not forgotten or alone. Really be there for someone.

Look closely, and you'll realize that the eyes of people you'll meet today look strangely similar to the eyes of people you'll meet around the world. Pay attention to them.