Friday, February 28, 2014

What do I say?

Sitting here, staring at a blank page, I don't know where to start. So much has happened in the last 5 months.

Do I start by explaining why an 18-year old girl would say no to college and a career and instead spend 5 months of her life on the top of a mountain in Colorado and then in 6 different cities throughout Thailand?

Do I start by sharing how much God has done in this girl's life - how He's grown her, shaped her, molded her, disciplined her, and taken her to places she never could have imagined?

Do I start by telling you about all the incredible, dear friends she's done life with 24/7 for the last 5 months, who have constantly encouraged her, supported her, and continually brought her closer to Jesus - and whom she's done the same for?

Do I start by explaining how she's witnessed the Holy Spirit work in such miraculous ways... even more than she ever dreamt about or thought possible?

Do I start by showing the precious faces of the beautiful children in the orphanage in Thailand whose passion for Jesus radiates from them like a sun in all it's brilliance?

Do I start by telling you how this girl is learning to love on anyone and everyone, whether it's socially acceptable or not, simply because her Jesus has loved her in that same radical way?

Do I start by explaining how God turned her world and her mindset upside down and revealed depths of her heart that she never knew existed, tenderly speaking love and truth over her all the while?

Do I start by attempting to describe the incredible beauty of God's Presence than she so clearly felt these last 5 months more strongly than she ever has in her entire life?

Do I start by explaining the gentle whisper of a Daddy's voice, so full of love and goodness and truth, speaking to her heart every moment of every day?

It's been 5 months of pure Jesus. I look back, and every single moment of those 5 months I see Him filling me, growing me, teaching me, shaping me. It was sheer beauty. Every day. It was also hard. And sometimes extremely painful. But in the end - it was all worth it. He was there, right by my side, every moment of every day.

I guess I'll just suffice it to say that these last 5 months of my life have been the best 5 months of my life. I've learned and grown more in these last 5 months alone than I have the rest of my life combined. And it was awesome. IS awesome. I wouldn't have traded this time for anything - ANYTHING in the world. I am blessed beyond measure. My Daddy is SO good.

*I'm hoping to find the time to write more about my time in YWAM. I really want to begin writing out some of the crazy stories of what He's done in and through me... and as I finish them, I will post them on here. No promises, but look for some crazy insane God-stories coming soon. :)

Basking in the Love of her Jesus,