Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Lord is FAITHFUL!!!


Okay. So, let's just not talk about how long it's been since I last posted on here. And, you might want to get settled in, because this is proving to be a very long post. :)

Looking back on Beauty and the Beast, all I can say is, God is Faithful. This just kept coming to mind time and time again.... through anything and everything that happened.... God was Faithful. He is. :) We had an incredible week, and in all honesty, it was one of the best weeks of my life. God was THERE. He was with us. And we could FEEL Him. I felt His presence there, during that week, more strongly than I have ever felt Him before. Ever. For anything. And you know why? This may sound strange, but as I've pondered it over, I decided it's because of all the trials we had that week. And through those trials, as a cast, as friends, as brothers and sisters, and as individuals, we were able to turn to the Lord and look for Him to meet our needs - because there was NO WAY we could do it on our own. Here are a few instances of the Lord at work.
~Going into tech and show week, we were SO BEHIND. It was a mutual feeling, even those who have been in oodles of shows felt like this one was more behind than any other. We felt very unprepared for the show, and there were so many things that just would not come together. Even after the dress rehearsal two nights before opening, Dad said in the car on the way home that he did not think we could pull it together in time. He was not being over critical, he was being dead serious. And we knew it. But I continued to insist that the Lord would bring it all together in His timing. Because the Lord is Faithful.
~Our minds tend to worry when things don't go according to schedule, and so when I didn't get one of my costumes until opening night, and we didn't figure what we were doing for my hair until final dress and my makeup until opening night, let's just say there were a couple of times where I needed an attitude change. :) But the Lord was Faithful, and whenever my friend and I would realize we were not relying on God, we would go pray together or find a corner and get out our Bible, and not 5 minutes later we would be back to trusting the Lord. :) Because He is Faithful.
~One of the last scenes in the show is the one in which Beast and Gaston fight. In our show, they fight on the West Tower, about 8 ft. in the air. We had a large crash pad (offstage) next to it, and we had worked Gaston falling many times. However, on Thursday (opening), Gaston had an impressive fall. It looked amazing from the audience, but backstage, Jon had fallen wrong. They ended up calling an ambulance, and Jon went to the ER. I cannot even begin to describe how many prayers went up to heaven that night. We prayed silently, inwardly, begging God to spare Jon. None of us really knew what had happened, the directors didn't really want to say because they didn't want the cast to be nervous or upset. You can imagine my response, the next morning, when I found out that Jon was really alright. The Lord's Angels were protecting Him. The doctors said the way he fell.... he should have broken his neck. But He didn't. He came out with only a few bruises. Because the Lord is Faithful.
~One of my friends, Anna, needed to have her wisdom teeth pulled out the Friday of tech week. So she missed all of tech week rehearsal... including crazy saturday. And all show week, her mouth was sore and she was continually putting ice on it. Well, by Friday, it was not getting better like it should have. Friday morning she went the dr and found out it was infected. She got antibiotics, and proceeded to go on with the rest of the day and the evening show as much as possible. The next morning, Saturday, we were called at 10 for notes. I saw her slip in late, and then when I glanced her way again, she was gone. I looked for her all morning, waiting, wondering where she had gone.. I wanted to pray with her. Finally, about a half hour before our matinee show, there she was. Because of the antibiotics, she couldn't keep anything down. She was utterly miserable. A half hour before our show she left for the ER. We were all pretty much down in the dumps, and trying to race around to teach another girl, Courtney, Anna's "Enchantress" role in the Prologue. I cannot even tell you how much prayer went up for Anna then. And Courtney, too. We all missed Anna's cheery smile and warm hug... and we all wondered if she was okay. She didn't show up after the matinee show, and the directors told us she probably wouldn't be in the evening show, our final one. But about an hour and a half before the evening show, I was in the dressing room changing into my street clothes after pictures, getting ready to "rest" for a few minutes... when all of a sudden I heard someone yell, "Anna's back!" All I remember is how sweet those words sounded... I remember thinking that I had never heard sweeter words. I remember racing out the dressing room, without even bothering to put on my shoes. I went out to the hall, gave her a gentle hug, and told her I missed and I...well, everyone, was praying for her. But she had come back. And though she left immediately after, the Lord gave her strength to perform in our last show!! Because He is Faithful.
~Like I mentioned before, on Saturday in between shows, we have an "enforced rest time". Well, the whole day I had just been going, going, going, running on adrenaline of course. When I lay down in a corner, I suddenly realized just how tired I was. I wanted to sleep, and sleep, and sleep. But we only had 20 minutes before we had to get ready for the next show. I laid down and closed my eyes. About ten minutes later, I really didn't want to, but I really felt like I needed to connect with God and get some fresh energy before going into our final show. So I forced myself to sit up and I opened my Bible... It opened to 2 Corinthians, I and I read chapter 6. One verse really stuck out to me (6) "We prove ourselves by our purity, our understanding, our patience, our kindness, by the Holy Spirit within us, and by our sincere love." I meditated on that verse for a few minutes, and talked with the Lord... when the directors came by a few minutes later to tell us we needed to get up and get ready, I was amazed to find that I was entirely refreshed and ready to go!! I was not tired at all... It was like a burden of exhaustion had been lifted. And I knew it wasn't because of ten minutes of closing my eyes. It was because the Lord is Faithful.

Those are just a few stories of God's work in my life during show week... Honestly, I think I grow in my faith more during tech and show week more than any other time of the year.... and every year I feel like I grow even more than the year before!!

Praise the Lord, because He is Faithful.