Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mary Poppins... On BROADWAY TOUR!!

Wow. Has is really been months since I posted last? Life has just gotten so busy... (!) Well, Sound of Music is long over, Beauty & the Beast is fast approaching!!! I will post more info about it later, but in the meantime, a few nights ago, we went to go see...

Mary Poppins on Broadway Tour!!! Yes, it was awesome. Incredibly amazing. Words cannot describe how fantastic everyone was - including the ensemble!! The dance numbers were so much fun - I just sat there reveling in the gorgeous vocals, and beaming at all the incredible choreography!! I had a blast (as I'm sure you can all imagine :D). I decided, if money were no object, I would see every performance. :) lol The story has a slightly different plot as the movie, and it has like 3 times as many songs (okay, maybe not quite, but you get the idea. :). I definitely like the musical better than the movie  - but then, I suppose I always like the musicals better than the movies. :) Anyways, it was just a very fun evening -  not to mention some of my HPA friends were there as well. :)

This is either my favorite, or one of my favorite, songs from the show. It was the same song, same choreography, same costumes, etc - just different people. :) Actually, the guy who played Bert in our show was in the ensemble when it was on the real Broadway stage. :) Enjoy this video, even though it definitely does not do the song justice.