Sunday, November 6, 2011


 Wow. Life is SO BUSY right now! I haven't posted on here in...I don't know how long!! Sorry, everyone, but blogs have just been put on the backburner for awhile. I finally finished up all my schoolwork/homework for this week, so I have a little bit of time to update you all... Between school, household responsibilities, Beauty and the Beast rehearsal every Tuesday, and oh...

You all don't know about Sound of Music!! I auditioned for a christian community theater that's doing the Sound of Music in September, and I got teh role of Louisa!!!! So I have rehearsals for that 4 nights a week now, since shows are coming up - they start in a week and a half!!! I've been having a blast with it - it's been great getting to know new people, and it's been a fun experience to be a lead as well. It's also been a challenge; since I'm 16, and the character Louisa is 13, it's been challenging to figure how to "live" as a 13 year old, because I naturally want to act much more like Liesl (who's 16) than Louisa. It's also been a lot of fun as far as character development goes since Louisa is the trickster of the family. :) I can hardly believe shows open so soon!! If you are interested in coming and don't already have the info, leave a comment and let me know and I'll get back to you - I just don't want to take the time to type it all out if I don't have to. lol

BATB rehearsals have been going really well, I am having a BLAST!!! We have been working on a lot of our wolf choreography, which is going to be absolutely amazing by the time show week rolls around. We don't have an "official" choreographer, but all of the wolves (besides me) are super incredible dancers (like they've been dancing officially their whole lives), and so we've all been working together as far as choreographing goes. I feel so privileged and it's been such a great experience for me to be able to see the other end of choreography... In the past, I've just done whatever they've told me to do; and now, I'm helping to figure out what we do!! Plus Mrs. E has been helping us with it a lot too, and she's so fun to work with, for those of you who don't know her. ;)

The singing for BATB is going really well, too... I've decided that Human Again is my most favorite song that I sing. It's such an amazing song, and it's got so much harmony in it!!! :D

I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately, primarily for school, and I thought I'd also take a minute to share some of the books I've been reading (that I like). First of all, not that I've read this one cover to cover within the last month, but it's my all time most favorite book, so I figured I should mention it. I often will page through it, intending to skim around to look for monologues, and end up reading entire chapters because I love it so much!! :) The book is Little Women.

The next book is Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. It is historical fiction (which I love) and it's set during the American Revolution. It's a great story, but most of all I love her writing!!! Once I start the book, I want to keep reading it just because her writing is so incredible!

Another book that is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It's an incredible story and very good writing. I don't want to spoil the story but it's primarily about a girl named Jane Eyre as she grows from a child into a woman - and it's full of life, vigor, romance, Christian principles, allusions, mystery, and suspense! What more could you ask for?? ;)

So that pretty much sums up my life right now... I've been working on writing quite a bit, too, and I'm currently writing a short story set in the American Revolution and an essay about Leadership that I'm going to submit into a writing contest. :)

I wish I could say, more posts soon, but I'm afraid that just isnt' going to happen right now... So, so long, until I find another spare minute to post on my blog. :)

In Christ,