Thursday, August 25, 2011


I've found that one of the ways little kids learn new words is by repeating what they've heard, and see the reaction of people around them. Well, over the past year, Naomi has been doing this quite a bit. It all started last summer, when we were at my Grandma's house for the weekend. (I know we were eating a meal, I just don't remember what it was.)

~Mom: "Do you like this, Naomi?"
~Naomi: "It's GROSS!!"
Oops, wrong place to say that!! We tried to tell Grandma that she had no idea what that word meant. :)

More recently, here have been a few of her funny sayings or trying out new words.

On the way to an orchard to pick up some fresh fruit:
~Naomi: "What fruit are we going to get?"
~Mom: "We're going to get some peaches to eat."
~Naomi: "Do they sell blueberries?"
~Mom: "No, but they might have plums or apricots."
~Naomi: "OH, so they just sell all the Fruit of the Spirit!!"

I had asked Naomi to pick up something of hers, and she didn't want to. She very frustrated with me. The conversation ended with this.
~Naomi: "Elizabeth! I am just so mad and foolish!!"
Once again, she had no idea what foolish meant. :)

We were eating dinner last night, and she didn't want to eat her lettuce.
~Naomi: "But Dad, my lettuce is just so foggy!!"

Hope those made you smile. :)



Alyssa said...

She is so funny! I never tire of hearing about her sayings and doings. :)


Mikailah said...

So cute!! :) That is funny.. The things little children say always make me laugh. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Blessings in Him,

Erin said...

That is so cute!