Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There's Joy in this Heart

Well!! Sorry I never got around to posting any more about auditions (for Beauty and the Beast, in case you've somehow missed my last couple of posts)... but there's no reason to talk about auditions anymore, because.....

The Cast List is out!!!!! I don't think I need to try to explain how fast we all got out of bed as soon as we heard it was finally here. :) And...

I'm in the show!!!! I have been cast as in two choruses, as a Wolf Dancer and a Caryatid!!! Yes, I will explain. :)

First, there are two scenes, both in the movie and in the musical, where the wolves attack (first Maurice, and then Belle and the Beast together later). Well, the directors have decided to make those scenes into some cool choreography pieces for the wolves... and I am one of 8 girls playing a Wolf Dancer!! I am so looking forward to these choreography pieces... I'm sure they will be so much fun!!

Secondly, I have been cast as one of two Caryatids. A Caryatid, as I have found out, is a statue; I'm pretty sure at the Enchanted Castle. I'm not exactly sure what all I'm doing as a Caryatid, but I must be doing something or they wouldn't have put "Caryatid" on the cast list! :D lol. And the other girl who is a Caryatid is a great friend of mine, so whatever we're doing, we should have a lot of fun with it together. :)

And last, but most certainly not least, I am on the devotions committee again!! I am so excited and thankful for this opportunity. The Lord was able to use me in so many ways last year, and Lord willing, I pray that He'll use me again!! I am really most excited about this over anything... Ever since shows came out, I've wanted to be on the devotions committee so much... even more than I wanted to be Belle (and that was a lot!)!!!

So, all of that to say that I am so overwhelmed by the Blessings, Goodness, and Generosity of my Lord!! My heart is just overflowing with His Joy!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011


I've found that one of the ways little kids learn new words is by repeating what they've heard, and see the reaction of people around them. Well, over the past year, Naomi has been doing this quite a bit. It all started last summer, when we were at my Grandma's house for the weekend. (I know we were eating a meal, I just don't remember what it was.)

~Mom: "Do you like this, Naomi?"
~Naomi: "It's GROSS!!"
Oops, wrong place to say that!! We tried to tell Grandma that she had no idea what that word meant. :)

More recently, here have been a few of her funny sayings or trying out new words.

On the way to an orchard to pick up some fresh fruit:
~Naomi: "What fruit are we going to get?"
~Mom: "We're going to get some peaches to eat."
~Naomi: "Do they sell blueberries?"
~Mom: "No, but they might have plums or apricots."
~Naomi: "OH, so they just sell all the Fruit of the Spirit!!"

I had asked Naomi to pick up something of hers, and she didn't want to. She very frustrated with me. The conversation ended with this.
~Naomi: "Elizabeth! I am just so mad and foolish!!"
Once again, she had no idea what foolish meant. :)

We were eating dinner last night, and she didn't want to eat her lettuce.
~Naomi: "But Dad, my lettuce is just so foggy!!"

Hope those made you smile. :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well!! Here I am, still alive and well... I can hardly believe it's been over a month since I've posted on here! At this point in time I can only update you a little bit, as I'm pretty busy right now... And for those of you who are wondering, auditions went well and I hope to post on it soon.

~One of the biggest things we did over the summer was our trip out to visit Dad's side of the family who lives about a 13 hour drive away!! Our visit was full of Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and 2 cousins... we stayed at their house for 7 days and had a blast!! Some of the highlights (in my opinion) were visiting the ocean (the waves are AMAZING!!!), swimming in their pool every day, spending time with family we don't see very often, and working on Grandpa's model train village with him. We all really enjoyed working on the trains... it's become sort of a tradition, almost. This time, we worked a lot on names. I mean, what town doesn't have a name?? This one didn't - so we named it: the village of Fhlabben. (That's all of the grandkid's initials mixed up.) We enjoyed making up names for the shops, stores, and other businesses in Fhlabben as well. We decided to make a theater (both my cousin Faith and I both have been in multiple shows and love theater), so we decided to name it: Faithful Elizabeth Community Players. :) My Dad loves biking and is often riding, so we created a bike shop and named it after him: John's Pedal to the Medal. We named the hospital after our Grandma: Susan _____ Memorial Hospital. We totaled everything up, and we have 24 stores/businesses in Flabben, all named after someone. We even named the roads after shows we've been in: ie, Kensington Avenue (from MMISL), Easy Street (from Annie), etc. :) Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention is this - Grandpa tries to make as much of the town from unwanted junk as much as he can. For example, we have a medical helicopter, plus a few others, and he got them from a falling-apart game at a garage sale for a quarter! The oil refinery used to be Styrofoam, and the hospital used to be boxes he received a few model trains in! Enjoy a few pictures.

This is not quite half of the village of Fhlabben; in the farthest left section are the houses, with the preschool and elementary school in the back left. In the front left in the middle section is our theater, situated next to our Town Hall. A grocery store lies behind, with a yellow gas station behind that.

Here is our "downtown", if you will, with the hospital (the blue and copper tall thing) in the back.

The other end of town; an oil refinery, a shoe factory, a shipping center, and the junkyard on the farthest right.

A close-up of part of the junkyard.

Sorry that's all I can do now... I hope to post more soon!!