Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well, after a VERY long wait, they're here!!! We are extremely excited around this house, as I'm sure many others of you reading this are. :) The energy level is definitely higher than normal! lol! This year, HPA in Grand Rapids is doing Beauty and the Beast (the musical)!!! I am so excited to start another year of HPA... I have to be completely honest with you, I have REALLY missed it. Everything about it. The singing, the acting, the choreography/dancing, the friends, our amazing directors, the long rehearsals, show week, the theater... I could go on and on. :)

Now for the job of finding a monologue... I'm going to work on it now! :) By the way, does anyone have a good spot to find some good ones? Most of the ones on the internet are so crummy... any ideas, from those of you who are more experienced with this than I am??



Alyssa said...


Not that I'm more experienced than you, but I have found a lot of good monologues in Anne of Green Gables.


Elizabeth Joy said...


Try some of your favorite books - the directors like to see new monologues. I've found great ones in classic books like Freckles, Jane Eyre, etc. One note on Alyssa's comment - be careful with "Anne of Green Gables" monologues, as they are some of the most-used we see at auditions. The "forgive me, Mrs. Lynde" monologue is on top of my "don't use" list, because SO MANY girls do it every year. It's not a bad monologue, but I've seen it enough times now. :)

I'm excited for Beauty and the Beast, too. Have fun prepping for auditions!

Lydia said...

I am excited as well about the shows! I have a hard time finding a monolouge as well, it is a lot of fun though!