Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I go through spurts in my journaling. Ideally, I do it every or every other day. But things get busy, days pass, weeks pass. This evening I sat down to just slow down my thoughts and try to put them all onto paper. So much has happened. Is happening. My thoughts seem to be one big whirlwind. Yes, regarding HPA. However, I dearly hope that those of you reading this don't just kind of tune out and skim the rest of this because you are expecting my usual rambling regarding HPA. Just please bear with me.

As I was writing down all the events that have happened lately regarding HPA, I continually circled around to one fact that I'm afraid most people miss when they hear me start to go on and on about HPA. (Not that I blame you, I usually don't share the deeper aspect of what's going on in my heart.) And that's this: For me, HPA is ever so much deeper than that shallow chatter of mine that won't stop. So much deeper than just a few friends. Deeper than the singing, dancing, and acting that I love so dearly. Deeper than the crazy, hectic show week that I always look forward to. It's a place where I really feel myself draw closer to God. In so many ways. For one, I when I am rehearsing or on stage, I am giving everything I have to Him. Everything I do - every note I sing, every step I dance, every word I say - I pray that it brings glory to God. HPA is a place where I can pray, read and discuss the Bible with other strong, mature Christians. Where we can pray for the Lord's strength right before we step onto stage in front of our audience. Where incredible, lasting friendships are formed. Where I am encouraged, strengthened, challenged, both physically and spiritually. Where, through no strength of my own, but through the Lord's strength, I can be a blessing and encouragement to others. And most of all, I love HPA for the simple reason that it is a place where those that love Christ can come together and, through everything, bring glory to God through one of the ways that we love most dearly: theater.

I welcome any comments anyone has on this post. :)

In Christ,

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well, after a VERY long wait, they're here!!! We are extremely excited around this house, as I'm sure many others of you reading this are. :) The energy level is definitely higher than normal! lol! This year, HPA in Grand Rapids is doing Beauty and the Beast (the musical)!!! I am so excited to start another year of HPA... I have to be completely honest with you, I have REALLY missed it. Everything about it. The singing, the acting, the choreography/dancing, the friends, our amazing directors, the long rehearsals, show week, the theater... I could go on and on. :)

Now for the job of finding a monologue... I'm going to work on it now! :) By the way, does anyone have a good spot to find some good ones? Most of the ones on the internet are so crummy... any ideas, from those of you who are more experienced with this than I am??


Saturday, July 2, 2011

HPA's Drama Camp!

So, I meant to get this posted a week or two ago... but here it is now. :)

Where do I start? Two weeks ago, two of my sisters and I had the amazing privilege of being able to participate in Homeschool Performing Art's (HPA's) drama camp. It is a 9-1 day camp every day for the week, with the entire day Friday, leading up to a show on Friday night. I had a blast! Camp focused specifically on 3 different parts of theater: acting, singing, and choreography.

For the acting aspect, everyone got cast into various different short skits. My skit was a story in Bible times about 3 women (an old lady, a newly-married, and a young girl), where the little girl is trying to convince the older ones that there's been a miracle - Jesus has healed a man! However, I (the old lady :D), am the "town gossiper" kind of woman - she knows how everything is and how she thinks everything should be, and there's no changing her mind. :) I really enjoyed everything that came with the skit - memorization, character development, and even learning how to become an old lady - though it was definitely a challenge! Another thing I greatly enjoyed about my skit was the fact that I had quite a few very humorous lines. The audience laughed a lot, though at times I found it difficult to stay in character!

Another thing we worked on was voice/choir/singing. I really enjoy singing, and I've actually started taking voice lessons this summer with Mr. G. But, anyways, the song we primarily learned at camp is A New World from a musical called "Songs for a New World". The song we sang was so beautiful, and it had gorgeous harmonies in it!! The other song we sang was Happiness from the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". That was a very pretty song, too. And our dear Miss Elizabeth did an amazing job teaching us. :)

Last, but not least, we learned a large choreography piece. This year, we learned it to a song called Me Ol Bamboo from Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang. It was super tricky to get, but it was definitely fun in the end. We did get a little nervous, though, when we did it at our official "dress rehearsal" the afternoon of the show; we all completely forgot the choreography for the last minute of the song!! I'm sure you can guess what we were working on after that. :)

But, as usual, ;), the Lord brought everything together, and the performance went really well! There were a few minor mess-ups in various skits and parts of the choreography, but overall everyone did great. And by the time I got home Friday night, I was so happy and full of joy. I just absolutely love HPA, and it was GREAT to be back on stage again... And I had fun, Friday: I. miss. show. week. The long days, all the time spent with your dear friends, being on stage, and just rehearsing and putting on an incredible show that brings glory to God. Well, on Friday, it felt a little like show week, since we were at HPA the whole day. It wasn't quite as long, but I still had tons of fun.


In Christ,