Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yesterday's Shopping Expedition and then REMINISCING!!

I have been needing summer clothes for a few weeks now... I tried on all my stuff from last year, and a lot of it just didn't fit anymore. We've been trying to get out shopping, but since I can't drive myself around yet, and I'm the oldest, it's a little difficult to find a time to go out. :) So yesterday, since pretty much everyone needed something of some sort, we ALL decided to go - Dad, Mom, me, Leah, Abby, Naomi, and Hannah. It was an adventure. :) We split up in various stores, and after a few hours in Khols, I had found a pair of jean shorts, some flipflops, and three shirts! It then being naptime, we headed back home, and dropped off Leah and the little s. The rest of us returned to the mall, and after looking at Sears and Pennys, I found 2 more pairs of shorts!! (I already had a few skirts that still fit from last year, so didn't need any new.) I was pretty excited. :) All in all, I decided it was definitely a productive day, especially considering that between modesty and the fact that it's hard to find clothes that fit me, I did really well!

Then, we came home and went to church... I got to help in the nursery! I love little kids and babies, and I got to be in with the one year olds!! :D They were so cute :)

After that, I went right to a friend's house... there were like 10 girls there that were in MMISL, and we watched the DVD of the show!! We had a SUPER fun time! Except, we didn't even really hear the show much, because someone would say, "Remember when..." and we would all remember and then burst out laughing ;D It was a lot of fun. :) We had a bonfire at her house after the movie was done. It was so much fun to see friends from show and reminisce about it... it makes me realize how much I absolutely love everything about HPA and theater... I miss it so much!! I'm really anxious for the HPA staff to announce what show they'll do in the fall - everyone is like dying to know. :) We should know within a month, auditions are August 9!!! Wow! I let you know more about the next show as it is announced!! :D