Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funny Antics of Little Sisters

Wow, I just glanced at my dashboard and realized that I haven't posted in 5 days! Am I the only who feels like the world speeds by much faster on Blogger than in the rest of the world?? :) So, anyways, I thought I'd share some of the funny happenings around our house involving my little sisters Hannah (16 months) and Naomi (3).

First, this afternoon, Mom got out the Resurrection Eggs (you know, those plastic eggs that have items in them that tell the story of Easter - like thorns, a cross, a stone, a cup, etc) for Naomi, and told her the story. After Mom was done, she proceeded to tell herself the story again...and again...and again. :) So then, later this evening, she got out the eggs once more. This time, however, the rest of us were working on picking up the house and she was playing by herself. Since she is constantly talking, I often don't pay attention to every single thing she says. Well, I hear her tell me that I am Koliath. (One of her favorite bible stories is David and Goliath, but she calls him Koliath.) She will often "play Koliath" with us, and proceed to knock us over because she's David. So, I didn't really pay any further attention to her rambling. A few seconds later, however, I hear Abby scream "NO!" I turn around to see Naomi with her arm aimed for my head with a stone in her hand. At first, I was confused, and did not put two and two together. Then, as Abby started telling me what Naomi was doing, it hit me. I was Koliath. She was David. She was about to throw that stone (from the Resurrection Eggs) at me!!! I laugh about it now, but I admit, I was shocked when I realized what she was doing. :) We then had to go through the explanation of how we don't throw stones, especially at people, and especially not in the house. :D lol.

Lately, Naomi has been paying attention to EVERYTHING we say, and she is picking up on a lot of new words, even though she is 3 and has quite a large vocabulary already. :) Particularly, she has been paying attention to units - like degrees, pounds, feet, etc. This afternoon she was picking up something, and said, "Oh! This is so heavy, Mom! It's 50 degrees!!" :D lol.

And as I was thinking about what this post could contain, I thought about lots of various things throughout the day, but at the moment, those are the only two I can remember. :)



Madeline said...

I love little sisters:) Mine love playing with the resrection eggs that we have :)
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Elizabeth said...

Madeline, out of curiosity, may I ask how you found my blog?