Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Cookies, Eggs, and an Adventure

Yesterday, Leah and Abigail made some sugar cookie dough so we could make it into Easter cookies. Between naps, school, and Grandma coming over, we didn't get around to making it into cookies yesterday, and just stuck the dough in the fridge. This morning, we cleared (and cleaned!) off the island in our kitchen to cut out the cookies. Us four older sisters were all gathered around the island, and Hannah was in her high chair. Mom gave her some flour to play with, and she ended up eating it straight!! Naomi had a lot of fun with her frosting, too. Then later this afternoon, we made some frosting, and frosted the cookies - which Naomi and Hannah both LOVED - though we would turn around and find Hannah shoving fistfulls of frosting into her mouth. :) Likewise, Naomi snitched a great deal of frosting, too. :) We had a bowl of "nem-nems" (m&ms) on the counter to put on the cookies, and Naomi had been snitching them. A little while later we hear, "SOMEBODY FINISHED UP ALL THE NEM-NEMS!!!" I turn to look at her, and say, "Naomi, I think you finished them all up." She gets this mischevious little grin on her face, and says, "No, I didn't." She made the funniest face when she said it, we couldn't help laughing. :) This evening, we dyed some Easter eggs. We used to do it every year when we were young, but we haven't done it for 3 or 4 years now. However, we thought Naomi in particular would enjoy it, so we decided to dye some eggs this year. After getting everything setup, Naomi was still a bit confused at what we were doing and didn't really understand what was going on. Then Mom helped her put an egg in the dye, and then they pulled it out. When she saw it was colored, her eyes got SO big, and she was just kind of in awe and excitement about it. It was SO funny to watch her!! She loved it, overall, and so did we. Except for... well, let's just call it our adventure. The last egg, which happened to be Naomi's, was sitting in the cup with green dye. Naomi stood up to get something, and she accidentally knocked the cup of green dye over! It was EVERYWHERE! All down her leg, down the chair, on the floor, on the tablecloth... you get the picture. While Dad and the girls quickly tried to mop up the dye off the floor before the tile grout was stained green, I scooped Naomi up and headed for the tub. :) By now, she was pretty upset and in tears. I took off her clothes, and tried to console her by changing her crying in giggles over her now-green leg!! Eventually, (with a lot of soap!!) her leg returned to a more normal color. :) In case you are wondering, we (thankfully!) did get everything cleaned up and nothing has retained a green hue. :)

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