Sunday, April 17, 2011


I was going to post about this sooner, but I was pretty busy this past week, so I'll post it now. :) A week and a half ago, I went to go see HPA's production of Brigadoon. After waiting for months for this show, it finally came! To put it simply, I loved it! I had some really good friends who were cast members, and some great friends who were working behind-the-scenes with crew and choreography. On Thursday, I caught a ride with an HPA family who lives near my house, and went to see the show on Thursday, opening night. After an amazing performance, I talked with the cast for awhile and helped with some clean-up. I then spent the night at a friend's house. :) The next day, I went to rehearsal with them, and got to hang out with the cast, watch them work through a few scenes, and help with some miscellaneous things. I also had the privilege of praying with the crew a half hour before the show opened that night, as well. After praying with them, I went out into the auditorium and met my family, who came to the show that night. We watched it again together. :) After that, we drove home. So, basically, I had a TON of fun, for two reasons: I LOVE spending time with my friends, and I LOVE everything about theater. To be there all day with the cast and pray with them and watch the show was AMAZING!! It really made me miss being a part of the cast, though! Here's a picture of me and one of my friends, Erin, who was a lass in the show.

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