Friday, April 22, 2011

Reflections on Good Friday

A few thoughts have come to my mind this past week about the crucifixion, God's grace and love, and trusting in Him, and I thought I'd share them with you...

~Even though we are treasured and loved by God, we will still experience pain and hardship. Some people may claim "Jesus would never have allowed this to happen to me if he loved me!" Unfortunately, anyone who believes this is wrong. Jesus was dearly loved by God (Matthew 3:17), and yet the Lord still allowed him to be teased, taunted, flogged, and even crucified.

~So what are we supposed to do when we feel so overwhelmed that we think God does not care about us? It can be summed up in one word: Trust. Jesus did. Trust does not make grief or pain go away; trust infuses the grief or pain with hope. Jesus had hope. He saw beyond the pain. What exactly did He see that enabled him to endure all his hardships? I think he saw us. He loved us and desired to be with us that so much that He was willing to die on the cross for us. What an amazing sacrifice!! So, back to us, when we feel like giving up and quitting, we just need to pray, "God, please give me the grace to trust you." The journey of suffering can and should be the journey of trust. The two coincide. So next time you feel like quitting, giving up, hating someone, or yelling at Jesus, just pray for the grace to trust Him. That doesn't mean it will be easy. In fact, it will probably be hard. But like Jesus, we need to look beyond the pain. Look beyond the grief. Hope for new life someday in Christ. And He will give you the strength to endure whatever trials you're facing.

In Christ,

Easter Cookies, Eggs, and an Adventure

Yesterday, Leah and Abigail made some sugar cookie dough so we could make it into Easter cookies. Between naps, school, and Grandma coming over, we didn't get around to making it into cookies yesterday, and just stuck the dough in the fridge. This morning, we cleared (and cleaned!) off the island in our kitchen to cut out the cookies. Us four older sisters were all gathered around the island, and Hannah was in her high chair. Mom gave her some flour to play with, and she ended up eating it straight!! Naomi had a lot of fun with her frosting, too. Then later this afternoon, we made some frosting, and frosted the cookies - which Naomi and Hannah both LOVED - though we would turn around and find Hannah shoving fistfulls of frosting into her mouth. :) Likewise, Naomi snitched a great deal of frosting, too. :) We had a bowl of "nem-nems" (m&ms) on the counter to put on the cookies, and Naomi had been snitching them. A little while later we hear, "SOMEBODY FINISHED UP ALL THE NEM-NEMS!!!" I turn to look at her, and say, "Naomi, I think you finished them all up." She gets this mischevious little grin on her face, and says, "No, I didn't." She made the funniest face when she said it, we couldn't help laughing. :) This evening, we dyed some Easter eggs. We used to do it every year when we were young, but we haven't done it for 3 or 4 years now. However, we thought Naomi in particular would enjoy it, so we decided to dye some eggs this year. After getting everything setup, Naomi was still a bit confused at what we were doing and didn't really understand what was going on. Then Mom helped her put an egg in the dye, and then they pulled it out. When she saw it was colored, her eyes got SO big, and she was just kind of in awe and excitement about it. It was SO funny to watch her!! She loved it, overall, and so did we. Except for... well, let's just call it our adventure. The last egg, which happened to be Naomi's, was sitting in the cup with green dye. Naomi stood up to get something, and she accidentally knocked the cup of green dye over! It was EVERYWHERE! All down her leg, down the chair, on the floor, on the tablecloth... you get the picture. While Dad and the girls quickly tried to mop up the dye off the floor before the tile grout was stained green, I scooped Naomi up and headed for the tub. :) By now, she was pretty upset and in tears. I took off her clothes, and tried to console her by changing her crying in giggles over her now-green leg!! Eventually, (with a lot of soap!!) her leg returned to a more normal color. :) In case you are wondering, we (thankfully!) did get everything cleaned up and nothing has retained a green hue. :)

In Christ,

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I was going to post about this sooner, but I was pretty busy this past week, so I'll post it now. :) A week and a half ago, I went to go see HPA's production of Brigadoon. After waiting for months for this show, it finally came! To put it simply, I loved it! I had some really good friends who were cast members, and some great friends who were working behind-the-scenes with crew and choreography. On Thursday, I caught a ride with an HPA family who lives near my house, and went to see the show on Thursday, opening night. After an amazing performance, I talked with the cast for awhile and helped with some clean-up. I then spent the night at a friend's house. :) The next day, I went to rehearsal with them, and got to hang out with the cast, watch them work through a few scenes, and help with some miscellaneous things. I also had the privilege of praying with the crew a half hour before the show opened that night, as well. After praying with them, I went out into the auditorium and met my family, who came to the show that night. We watched it again together. :) After that, we drove home. So, basically, I had a TON of fun, for two reasons: I LOVE spending time with my friends, and I LOVE everything about theater. To be there all day with the cast and pray with them and watch the show was AMAZING!! It really made me miss being a part of the cast, though! Here's a picture of me and one of my friends, Erin, who was a lass in the show.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funny Antics of Little Sisters

Wow, I just glanced at my dashboard and realized that I haven't posted in 5 days! Am I the only who feels like the world speeds by much faster on Blogger than in the rest of the world?? :) So, anyways, I thought I'd share some of the funny happenings around our house involving my little sisters Hannah (16 months) and Naomi (3).

First, this afternoon, Mom got out the Resurrection Eggs (you know, those plastic eggs that have items in them that tell the story of Easter - like thorns, a cross, a stone, a cup, etc) for Naomi, and told her the story. After Mom was done, she proceeded to tell herself the story again...and again...and again. :) So then, later this evening, she got out the eggs once more. This time, however, the rest of us were working on picking up the house and she was playing by herself. Since she is constantly talking, I often don't pay attention to every single thing she says. Well, I hear her tell me that I am Koliath. (One of her favorite bible stories is David and Goliath, but she calls him Koliath.) She will often "play Koliath" with us, and proceed to knock us over because she's David. So, I didn't really pay any further attention to her rambling. A few seconds later, however, I hear Abby scream "NO!" I turn around to see Naomi with her arm aimed for my head with a stone in her hand. At first, I was confused, and did not put two and two together. Then, as Abby started telling me what Naomi was doing, it hit me. I was Koliath. She was David. She was about to throw that stone (from the Resurrection Eggs) at me!!! I laugh about it now, but I admit, I was shocked when I realized what she was doing. :) We then had to go through the explanation of how we don't throw stones, especially at people, and especially not in the house. :D lol.

Lately, Naomi has been paying attention to EVERYTHING we say, and she is picking up on a lot of new words, even though she is 3 and has quite a large vocabulary already. :) Particularly, she has been paying attention to units - like degrees, pounds, feet, etc. This afternoon she was picking up something, and said, "Oh! This is so heavy, Mom! It's 50 degrees!!" :D lol.

And as I was thinking about what this post could contain, I thought about lots of various things throughout the day, but at the moment, those are the only two I can remember. :)


Friday, April 1, 2011

A Long Overdue Blog Makeover

Hey, everyone! Well, I decided that now that I'm getting back into the routine of things here on Blogger world, I should redo my blog. For example, replacing pictures of my sisters on my sidebar that were almost a year old!! (Oops, should have done that sooner!) So, here you have it!! I put a new background on, new font, edited my profile, added a new profile picture, updated my sidebar...the whole nine yards. :) So, go ahead and check everything out! However, I am having trouble with the pictures on my sidebar - they are way bigger than they should be. Does anyone know how to fix that?