Monday, March 28, 2011

A Great Bread Book

So, you may be wondering from the title what I mean by a "bread book". Well, the book is called Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day. It has tons of delicious recipes and tips for making all sorts of breads, such as bagels, French bread, sandwich bread, pitas, pastries, flatbreads, and even pizza crust! I made one of the simpler recipes this afternoon for dinner tonight, and it turned out WONDERFUL!! It looked just like a nice bread you would get from the store, except it tasted even better - it was SOO good. Plus, it even had the delicious crispy outside that I had never previously been able to achieve. And guess what? The recipe only had 4 ingredients - flour, water, salt, and yeast - so it's healthy for you, too! :) And yet, I was amazed at the way it turned out. It was one of the best breads I have ever had in my entire life!! I actually do not own the book, I got it from the library. I think, though, that I will buy it soon, or at least ask for it for my b-day. :)



Alyssa said...

Sounds (and looks :) good!

I've already requested the book from the library. :)


Grandpa said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I'm glad to see you're not LOAFing!!!!!!

Love, Grandpa