Thursday, March 31, 2011

Co-op today, and pitas yesterday

Today I had a lot of fun. Every other week, our family does a co-op with 3 other homeschool families. This year, my group of 5 is doing chemistry, a book study, and hanging out. We had one of the most fun experiments today. It had to do with the reaction rate of a chemical reaction, and we used toilet bowl cleaner and TUMS. :) One of the test tubes gave us a little...surprise. :) We had put toilet bowl cleaner about 1/2 of the way full in a test tube, and then put the test tube in hot (almost-boiling) water so the reaction would heat up. Then we dropped a 1/4 of a TUMS tablet into the toilet bowl cleaner in the test tube, and we anticipated it would get bubbly. However, we were in for quite a surprise. The reaction proceeded so quickly (because it was hot) that the toilet bowl cleaner bubbles went everywhere!! So, this is really powerful toilet bowl cleaner, and we're trying not to let it spill on everything because it will eat it away. But then, we couldn't even move the test tube to put it somewhere else because it was too hot even to touch!! Overall, there was a lot of chaos for a few moments until the reaction was complete. :) Fortunately, everything was fine in the end; we just had a few moments of frenzy first. :)

Also, the book we're reading is SO good, I would highly recommend it to everyone. It is called Is That Really You, God? and it's written by Loren Cunningham. He was the guy who founded YWAM (youth with a mission), so it is essentially a story of his life and the way God led him to found YWAM. However, the main principle is hearing God, and there are innumerous ways that it is applicable to everyday life. It is a great book to have a discussion on.

After that, we had free time for awhile. My good friend Erin and I have found that she loves to play the piano (and she is outstanding at it!!), and I love to sing, and we both love musical soundtracks. So, she will play the accompaniment and I will sing. We will often sing harmony together, too, which is BEAUTIFUL!! Lately, we have been playing/singing songs from Little Women the Musical, and we played/sang a few songs from Seussical the musical today as well. Overall, I had a ton of fun with her. :)

And as a sidenote, I thought I would also mention that I made pita bread yesterday from the same dough that I was talking about in my previous post, and it turned out fantastic!!


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Erin said...

Thank you :) I had a great time, too! I can't wait till next time!