Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catch-up from the past couple months!

Hello, everyone!! First, I want to sincerely apologize to all of you out there who have eagerly been waiting for pictures from the show. I got sick the week after show, then schoolwork piled up, then March got CRAZY busy...But now here I am, ready to post once again! (And, yes, this post is full of lots of pictures for you picture-loving people. :) So, my life...

~In January, before the show, my sister Leah and I got baptized!! It was an incredible experience, and I am so glad I did so. :) Here's some pictures:

~Me and my sister Leah

~My dear friend Hannah was able to spend the night and come to my baptism in the morning, and it was great to have her there!

~Then was the show!! Now, you have to realize that my dad took over 700 pictures, so to narrow them down takes a ton of work. :) But, here are some of my favorites (that I'm in) On the left, is one of my favorite scenes - Lon's going-away party. Here, we had just arrived and were chatting - in particular, we were discussing particularly bold young lady,
thinking she not have been so bold. :)

~This is the same scene. We are dancing (and singing!) Skip to My Lou, which was a really fun song.

~(using stage names) Virginia and I thought it was so cute when little Tootie (not shown) started singing a song about how she was drunk, but Lacy (on the right) was disgusted. :)

~This was the Christmas Eve ball. I'm waltzing with my partner.

~This is at the ball as well, at the beginning of The Banjo. It's a new dance that Lon is teaching to us, so right now we're just watching him, fascinated with this new kind of dance.

~This was my other costume, that the costume moms decided they wanted me to have a half hour before opening night. So, they made and had this dress for me by the time I needed it that night!! The costume moms were AMAZING. :)

~In February, my little sister Hannah, who's now 16 months old, was dedicated at our church. Her bonnet was so cute!

~Lately, Hannah has been going through a new phase where she pulls Naomi's undies out of the laundry, and thinks they were meant for her head! You have to admit, though, that it is cute! :)

Well, that pretty much sums up my life for the past couple of months. Hopefully I be able to post more frequently than I have been! ;) lol

In Christ,


Erin said...

I love the pictures! Especially the first one of you and Leah and the one of Hannah with the undies on her head :)


Farm Kids said...

Hello Elizabeth! Thanks so much for the update--lovely pictures! Looks like the play went very well, and was lots of fun. What a blessing! I am so excited for Seussical..we open in 2 weeks! yay! :D
I love the pictures of Hannah--how cute! (My little siblings do that all the time too!) :)