Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Game of Hide-and-Seek

Hello, all! I apologize for the way my posting has gone, time just seems to slip by so quickly! Well, Naomi is now almost 3; her birthday is the day after Christmas; and Hannah is now 1. The other night, Dad was playing hide-and-seek with Hannah and Naomi. It is so funny to watch, because where ever dad hides, Naomi will hide the next round. She hasn't quite figured out the hide-in-a-different-spot-so-the-seeker-can't-find-you concept of the game, yet. :) Anyways, I took some pictures and thought you might enjoy them.

Dad decided to hide on the chairs under the table. :)

"Where did Daddy go, Hannah?"

Naomi liked to hid in the ottoman that opens up to store blankets. She even looked for Daddy in there!
"I think she's behind the couch, Hannah!"

Hannah was even looking for Naomi and Daddy! :)

"No, Hannah, you're gonna make Daddy see where I'm hiding!"

Hope you enjoy those pictures (and feel free to comment :D)!

In Christ,


Alyssa said...

LOL :) Noelle likes to play hide and seek too. :) She always wants to be the seeker though, and will tell whoever is hiding where to hide. :)

See you Thursday!


Miss Bea said...

Your sisters are very cute! =)

Miss Bea

Gabe said...

Thats so cool =)