Saturday, December 18, 2010

Co-op Costume Party and European Feast!

On Thursday, we had an amazing time at co-op. We would have usually done science, writing, etc, from 10-4. However, it's almost Christmas! So we dropped the science and writing, and had a costume party and played together the entire time. We talked, went sledding for awhile, and some of us played piano together. The best part? We combined it with our European feast! In the curriculum we use, My Father's World, most of my family is learning about different countries and cultures around the world. After we learn about a continent, we will have a "feast" - basically we dress up as people from that continent, try new foods from that continent, and do a presentation about something from that continent. It is really fun, and we really get an understanding of other places in our world besides America. So, this time, the continent was Europe! I dressed up as Susan from Narnia, Leah dressed up as a Roman, and Abby dressed up as Marta VonTrapp. Between the four families, there were people from England, Greece, Germany, France, and Russia. Some of the food we sampled was French onion soup, Borsch, Ratatouille, and a Norwegian whipped cream + gelatin + berries dessert. Enjoy some pictures!

Rebekah dressed up as a dutch boy.

Our family:Dad was a biker in the Tour de France, Leah was a Roman, Hannah was a duck, I was Susan, Abby was Marta Vontrapp, Naomi was a Ladybug, and Mom was...just Mom. :)
Noelle (as a princess) and Naomi (as a ladybug) got to eat dinner at their own "special" table! :)

All of us kids - plus most of the moms.

Me (as Susan) and my great friend Erin (as Meg from Little Women). Isn't her dress so pretty?

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Erin said...

Fun times!! :)

Samantha said...

Looks fun!
Our church did something like this years ago, where you dressed up as someone from another country for their Missions Conference

iammygirlsmom said...

Elizabeth - this is so much fun! We did this last year, with MUCH younger kids, so it was a little crazy ;) You're making me miss ECC!!

Alyssa said...

Love the pictures! Wish I could get some up. :)


Amy Q said...

fun fun! thanks for sharing! missing being a part of it but thankful you are carrying on :)
Mrs Q