Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Merry Christmas! (almost) :) We have quite a bit of snow at our house - maybe 6 inches. We also have a really good sledding hill. It can go really fast! I mean, REALLY fast! It goes through the woods, where (amazingly) there are no trees - except at the bottom. They have never been a problem before, but this year, we keep running into them! I think all of us have a bump or bruise or two from hitting the trees. :) So, this morning, about 10 minutes after I woke up, Dad called from on his way to work, and wanted Leah and I to go outside to stand the garbage can back up. Apparently, the garbage can had tipped over in the night (because our garbage pick-up is between 7-8 am, so we don't have time to bring it down in the morning). Now, realize here, that I just woke up 10 minutes ago. I definitely did not want to go out into the cold snow just to stand the garbage can back up because it had fallen into the ditch. I did, though, and decided to make the most of it. Leah and I put on all our snow clothes, and went sledding for awhile since we were out there anyways. It was pretty dark at first, and we got to watch the sunrise. It was really beautiful! Leah has been enjoying taking pictures lately, so she pulled out the camera and took some amazing pictures of the moment. Since she will probably want to post them herself on her blog here, I will only put two of her pictures on...then you can go to her blog later, where she will probably post a large number of them. They really are beautiful! There are also some pictures of us sledding - our driveway is quite steep and curvy, so it makes for a good sledding hill as well.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Co-op Costume Party and European Feast!

On Thursday, we had an amazing time at co-op. We would have usually done science, writing, etc, from 10-4. However, it's almost Christmas! So we dropped the science and writing, and had a costume party and played together the entire time. We talked, went sledding for awhile, and some of us played piano together. The best part? We combined it with our European feast! In the curriculum we use, My Father's World, most of my family is learning about different countries and cultures around the world. After we learn about a continent, we will have a "feast" - basically we dress up as people from that continent, try new foods from that continent, and do a presentation about something from that continent. It is really fun, and we really get an understanding of other places in our world besides America. So, this time, the continent was Europe! I dressed up as Susan from Narnia, Leah dressed up as a Roman, and Abby dressed up as Marta VonTrapp. Between the four families, there were people from England, Greece, Germany, France, and Russia. Some of the food we sampled was French onion soup, Borsch, Ratatouille, and a Norwegian whipped cream + gelatin + berries dessert. Enjoy some pictures!

Rebekah dressed up as a dutch boy.

Our family:Dad was a biker in the Tour de France, Leah was a Roman, Hannah was a duck, I was Susan, Abby was Marta Vontrapp, Naomi was a Ladybug, and Mom was...just Mom. :)
Noelle (as a princess) and Naomi (as a ladybug) got to eat dinner at their own "special" table! :)

All of us kids - plus most of the moms.

Me (as Susan) and my great friend Erin (as Meg from Little Women). Isn't her dress so pretty?

In Christ,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Game of Hide-and-Seek

Hello, all! I apologize for the way my posting has gone, time just seems to slip by so quickly! Well, Naomi is now almost 3; her birthday is the day after Christmas; and Hannah is now 1. The other night, Dad was playing hide-and-seek with Hannah and Naomi. It is so funny to watch, because where ever dad hides, Naomi will hide the next round. She hasn't quite figured out the hide-in-a-different-spot-so-the-seeker-can't-find-you concept of the game, yet. :) Anyways, I took some pictures and thought you might enjoy them.

Dad decided to hide on the chairs under the table. :)

"Where did Daddy go, Hannah?"

Naomi liked to hid in the ottoman that opens up to store blankets. She even looked for Daddy in there!
"I think she's behind the couch, Hannah!"

Hannah was even looking for Naomi and Daddy! :)

"No, Hannah, you're gonna make Daddy see where I'm hiding!"

Hope you enjoy those pictures (and feel free to comment :D)!

In Christ,