Saturday, November 6, 2010

Musings on the Characters of Little Women


HPA is doing Little Women the Musical in Kalamazoo this December, and so me and Leah have gotten the soundtrack and piano music out of the library. A few days ago, while doing normal household chores (like washing dishes :), we were musing on the personalities of various characters of Little Women, and this is some of what we came up with:

Meg (Margaret) - the oldest of the four March sisters, she is kind of "motherly" to her sisters. She is romantic, and is anxious to grow up and get married. She is very loving, and a bit vain in regard to her looks.

Jo (Josephine) - the second oldest of the March sisters, she is definitely the tomboy of them all. She loves pranks, and is definitely a trickster. She is strong. One of her most intense desires is to "see the world" with her Aunt Josephine.

Beth - the second youngest, she is the sweetest of all of the sisters. She is loving, gentle, kind, and delicate. She is like a perfect little angel. As I'm sure most all of you know, she dies.

Amy - the youngest of the four sisters, she is only 10 or 12. She wants to grow up, and do everything her older sisters do. She often pouts and/or whines when she doesn't get her way. She wants to be pretty, and is very concerned about her nose being flat.

Laurie - the next-door neighbor of the Marches, he is looking for a friend and finds it in Jo. He and Jo are very similar; he is a big prankster. He is strong; and wants to know the Marches better, but at first his grandfather does not want him to.

Mr. Laurence - Laurie's grandfather, he is a bit prejudiced and at first does not want Laurie to get to know the Marches. He is soon charmed by Beth, however, and they become great friends.

Those are all the characters that me and Leah discussed so far, maybe we'll talk about some more later. Thanks for listening to all my musings! :)

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