Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ride for Refuge

On October 2nd, my Dad, Leah, Abby and I will be riding 15 miles in order to raise money for refugees, mostly in Uganda. Is anyone interested in donating some money to help these people find a home and learn about Christ? We would be thrilled if you donated some money!! If you would like more information, please click HERE for their website.

If you are interested in donating money, for security purposes, please comment on my blog. I will then comment back on your blog with the link to my actual page, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't publish that comment. (I haven't put out my last name on Blogger world.)


In Christ,

Thursday, September 16, 2010



As you may have guessed from the title, we're home now! Our vacation was super but it's always nice to be back to "home sweet home". :) So, we have started school now. My subjects are:

1. Chemistry - I thought I was going to like it, but now let's just say I'm having second thoughts :D

2. Geometry - I'm not very far into it, so I can't judge it's just pure logic right now, but so far I am enjoying it considerably more than Algebra. :D

3. Bible - I am reading through the entire New Testament this year, which I'm really excited about! (I read through the whole Old Testament last year.)

4. World History - Right now I'm doing the Romans and I'm looking forward to doing Medieval times and up through current (but not US) yet this year.

5. Spanish - I've been "playing around" with Rosetta Stone for quite a few years, but this year I am actually getting serious about it, and I got a spanish textbook, too.

6. Writing - I am doing a few things from IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing), like learning how to write a good essay, and some of the random writing that goes along with my Bible and History.

7. Literature - I am going to read some G.A. Henty books, random historical fiction, Shakespeare's play Julius Ceasar, Beowulf, and some others, too. I am currently reading The Bronze Bow and then I will read Twice Freed - both of which are FABULOUS books! - I would highly recommend them.

8. Piano - I have played the trumpet for the past 3.5 years, and I decided it's time for something new. I always wanted to be able to play piano, and so I have started that this year! So far it's really fun!

9. AND...last but certainly not least...HPA!!! - I am a teen and a ball dancer in "Meet me in St. Louis". The first rehearsal was last Tuesday, and it was sooo much fun! I am learning how to square dance!!! I am also on the devotions committee with a few friends which is a lot of fun - that means the five of us in this group prepare and do a devotion lesson every week at rehearsal.

So...that's pretty much my life right now!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kayaking on the River!

This afternoon, Mom stayed home with the napping little ones, and Dad, me, Leah, and Abby went brought the kayaks we are borrowing from a friend down to a small nearby river. I think we went about 1-1.5 mi, but it took us three hours. On the river, we had a water fight and went through a place called "shoot the tube" - where the river goes under the road and you go through a large drainage pipe in a downward direction - it was so much fun we did that part twice!!


Naomi Joy

We took a day trip to Leeland yesterday, and just went in and out of the shops (and buying things occasionally. :D) While most of us went in a jewelry store, Dad and Naomi stayed outside and Dad took some absolutely adorable pictures!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wow! HPA, Vacation

Wow!! I looked at my dashboard, and I haven't posted since August 6th!!! And at the end of that post, I said I would keep you updated on HPA. A good job I did keeping you updated - I've known the cast list for a whole week!! So... drumroll please.... :D

I made it! I am a cast member of "Meet me in St. Louis"! I am a ball dancer (part of the chorus). So I am sooo excited!!!:DIf any of you are interested in coming to see it, it is January 20-22. I'd love to see you there!!

Part of the reason I haven't posted in so long is because we are on vacation right now - we are having a blast! We are staying in a cottage on a beautiful lake in Northern Michigan for 10 days. There are lots of hiking trails and sand dunes. There are a few lighthouses as well. We are having a ton of fun! Our relatives from New Jersey came and stayed with us for a few days, so that was fun as well. Here are some pictures:

Brooke, Leah, me, Abby, Faith