Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis!!


This post is kind of late in coming, but we've been fairly busy around here (summer days!)... While we were doing the drama camp with HPA, we were all anticipating the announcement of HPA's musical. We were expecting them to announce it on Friday night, at the performance. However, they did not, and we were devastated! We were all wondering how much longer we would have to wait before discovering what musical HPA was going to do. The next day, I happened to check my email, and in my inbox was an email from HPA. The subject line said "2010-2011 Season Announcements!"!! Yay!!!! I called everyone else, and we all gathered around the computer to read the long-awaited email.

HPA has decided to do "Meet Me in St. Louis" this year! It is a fun family musical centered around a large family living in St. Louis in 1904, where everyone is anticipating the World's Fair that will be in their own city. The basic story line is that three of the kids in the family fall in love with people in St. Louis, and the whole family is looking forward to the fair. But then the dad announces that they are moving to NY because of his job. Everyone is heartbroken...long story short, Christmas morning the dad decides that they will stay in St. Louis. Happy ending...the go to the World Fair...get married... That's pretty much the story line. There are tons of songs in it though, a lot of well-recognized ones like "Skip to my Lou", "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", and "The Trolley Song".

Auditions are on Tuesday!!! There are a fair amount of lead parts in this musical, as well as a large chorus. There is a lot of ballroom-type dancing in the musical so that should be really fun, too! If you think about, pray that I won't be too nervous on Tuesday!! And for Leah and Abby, too - they are auditioning as well - and it's their first time. At least I've done it before. :) I am really looking forward to auditions... I'll keep you updated! :D

In Christ,