Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our lovely garden and it's produce

Our garden is huge. We put manure on it in the spring, and what a difference it makes!! Our zucchini plants are up to my chest, the cucumbers are like a jungle, and there are a TON of beans! We have literally gotten dozens of zucchini already. We are giving them away left and right, as we can't use all of them. We've been making zucchini bread, cake, and putting them on the grill. And we still have been having extra. I just picked our first seven cucumbers yesterday. They look delicious, and I can't wait to try them! Yesterday we also picked beans...we got 4 gallon bags full of beans! And we last picked them on only Friday! Enjoy some pictures as well!P.S.
I am doing the HPA camp this week, which I'm absolutely loving! I would post about it only some readers of my blog are doing it next week and I don't want to give everything away! :D

Your sister in Christ,


Jenna said...

Your garden sounds great, Elizabeth!

We are getting lots and lots of summer squash and zucchini as well...we just harvested and canned LOTS of carrots/kale together for soup, but sadly none of them sealed and we had to give them all to the pigs:(

Fantastic job on the beans!! For the last few years our bean plants haven't come up the greatest but I'm hopeful for a good crop next year!

Oh yes, the potatoes are great and the corn too...manure sure does work wonders

See you tomorrow,

The Riefer Fam said...

How exciting:) We have a garden..not nearly as big as yours! It has given us what we need though:) Are those babies your siblings?? They are precious!!!
Thanks for the post. I always love them:) How are you?

Your little sister in Him,