Friday, July 9, 2010

My past school year (I'm done now!) and my upcoming summer

Yes, I have officially finished ALL OF MY SCHOOLWORK!!! Yay!! I'm so excited to be done! :D I got so behind because Hannah was born in the middle of the school year, and I had to take time off for that, and I was also in the musical Annie, which took the majority of my Tuesdays. But now I'm finally done!

I have now read through the entire Old Testament. I cannot say how much it has blessed me! To see how the Israelites, God's Chosen People, abandoned Him so they could be like everyone else - and there were big consequences: captivity for 70 years, and destruction of their city! (See my previous post for more about that.)

However, there was a man who trusted God through this terrible time. He was taken into captivity while only 15. He then became part of a training program in Babylon so he could serve the king. His name was even changed! But he held firm to his convictions and stood up for what was right. He eventually became very successful (others could find absolutely NO fault with his work), he led some kings to the Lord, and he had a totally awesome faith in God. His name? Daniel. I had the privelige of doing an in-depth inductive bible study on the book of Daniel, and I was so blessed learning about him and the way he trusted and obeyed God, no matter what others said.

I finished up biology this year as well. I enjoyed (most of) it quite a bit - the chapters on chemistry and genetics type stuff was my favorite, while I did not so much prefer memorizing Classes and Orders for microscopic animals. :) I did pretty well on my tests, too. So overall, I enjoyed it.

I also (FINALLY) finished up Algebra 1. Uuuggh!! (I really dislike math.) I skipped pre-algebra, and I started Algebra 1 last year. However, about halfway through, I realized I was not learning it as well as I should, so I went back and re-did it, and I finally finished up my last lesson today!! Sorry, to those of you math-lovers out there. I'm not one. :)

I finished up my schoolwork just in time - now I've got some fun things coming up. Next week, I am going to do HPA's Performing Arts camp. It is like a little bit of everything - singing, choreography, a small skit, and a lot of super fun exercises to develop your acting skill. I'm definitely looking forward to that! The following week, we have this thing called "Cousin's Camp" where all of us older cousins go up to Grammy and Pa's condo for a few days on Lake MI, go swimming, and just hang out together. So it should be fun! And there will definitely be pictures coming of it! :) Maybe I'll even get some of the drama camp! ;D

Have a good week!

Your Sister in Christ,

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Erin said...

Yay! School's over! Hope you enjoy your summer. And with your poll my choice is tied between "my thoughts" and "daily life" :)