Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am very interested in knowing who reads my blog. Whether you follow it or not, or even if you just come here occasionally, or if you have never commented, or if you have, please comment on this post. I would like to know who reads my blog, (and I always LOVE comments :-)! If I don't know you personally, maybe you could just write like a sentence or two about yourself?? Also, I would like to know what I can do to make my blog more reader-friendly. All suggestions are welcome!


Yes, I'm still working on our vacation post, but we were gone for a whole week, and we did a lot of stuff, so it's going to be a long post... :) On the other hand, I might just post a few things individually... :)


Samantha said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I found your blog about a month ago on through another young lady's blog. I am a follower of your blog.
I am 17 years old, love to bake, play the piano, craft, and be with friends. I am a Christian and strive to learn more about my Saviour each day! You can check out my blog at
I am also hosting my very first Modest Fashion Week later this month! Feel free to join me and the other young ladies doing it-we'd love to have you!
I love how your blog is upbeat and fun! I'd love to see more articles about how young ladies can serve God and anothers in their single years. I think you did a post like that awhile back and I really enjoyed reading it!


Esther said...

Hi Elizabeth!

It's really funny you should ask just now, because I had just decided that I should comment sometime soon!

I actually found your blog when you had only written one or two posts. A while later I accidently found it again, and since then I've been visiting every couple of months!

I live in rural Australia and I am homeschooled. I am turning fifteen soon and I love animals, sports and classical music.

Most importantly, I love Jesus and He is the Lord and Saviour of my life!

Well that's a bit about me. Keep up the blogging!


Erin said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I think you already know me :) and know I read your blog but I'm commenting anyways :)


Jenna said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I read your blog, though I haven't had the time to comment on anyones for a sorry! Once things slow down again in the fall/winter, I plan on commenting a bit more:)


Chuck said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I follow You~ Gabe LOL :)

Chuck said...

Oh I have a question, why do your sisters have time too post but not you? Just a thought Gabe

Elizabeth said...

Girls - thanks so much for commenting! It is fun to know who reads my blog!

Gabe - I'm sorry!!! I have been super busy with school...I'm not done yet. So that's why. But I hope to post at least once or twice this week. :)


The Riefer Fam said...

I love reading your blog Elizabeth! Sorry I don't comment often!:( I will try to be more faithful in that:) I love your deep thoughts. I am not good at putting my thoughts into words, and you do an amazing job of saying excactly what's on your heart.
I would love to see more pictures of your wonderful family though, and just of life in general!
Keep up the good blogging;)