Monday, May 3, 2010

My FIRST Award!

I received the "Pure in Heart" award from Samantha at Simple Delights. This award is for those girls whose blog is lovely, pure, and Godly!

If you have been tagged, here's what to do:

A) Post about your tag!!

B) Pick ten bloggers who deserve the PURE IN HEART award

C) Leave a comment on the ten people's blogs letting them know you tagged them! ( you may tag whoever you want, even the person who tagged you, if you like)

D) Answer these questions and put them up in a blog post:

1: Apples, Oranges or Bananas? Well, I really like clementines (do they count as oranges??) then would come bananas, then apples.

2: How many siblings do you have? 4 sisters--Leah, 12; Abigail, 10; Naomi, 2; Hannah, 5 months--I'm the oldest.

3: How old are you? 14, almost 15

4: Do you live on a prairie, woodland, swamp, city or other? Well, our house is on a hill, and there is a small patch of "woods" in the front, with "weeds" behind, and we have a huge yard.

5: Scissors or glue? I would say scissors. There are so many "fancy" ones for scrapbooking.

6: Describe your dream house. I'm not sure. I haven't really ever thought about it that much. Maybe a white farmhouse out in the country.

7: Is your room clean? Well, I share a room with 5-month old my stuff is most often picked up, but the rest of the family leaves Hannah's stuff out everywhere, which I usually end up taking care of.

8: If you could be a movie character for a day, who would you be? I don't really know!! Maybe like Susan from Narnia, or maybe Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

9: Italy, Greece, France, Spain or England? England

10: What denomination are you? Actually, we're in the process of looking for a new church right now... We used to go to a Christian Reformed church, but right now we're currently attending a Presbyterian church.

11: Do you sleep with a stuffed toy? (BE HONEST!!!!) I did until I was like 11 or 12--but I don't any more.

12: Gum, chocolate, or jelly beans? Definately, one hundred percent, CHOCOLATE!!!!! No question about it!!!!! :D

13: What is your favorite book? I like so many books, I don't know that I have a definite favorite. Some of the ones I like best are Before You Meet Prince Charming, Lies Young Women Believe, and The Hiding Place--if you look at my profile, I have a lot of my favorites written down there.

14: Favorite ice cream flavour? Wow, that's a hard one! There are so many good flavors--I especially like some sort of mint or peanut butter or chocolate, but the best is homemade!!!!

15: If you had to eat one type of food for two weeks, what would that food be? Could I say chocolate?? :) Though I have a very sensitive stomach, and with that much chocolate, I would definitely not feel good!

16: What is your favorite Olympic sport? Winter--some sort of figure skating, ice dancing, etc. Summer--horseback riding or swimming.

17: If you woke up and discovered that you had turned into Miley Cyrus for the day, what would you do? Well, I hardly know who she is, and I'm definitely not a fan, so I would hope that I don't wake up as her!

18: Describe yourself in three words. Helpful, loving, shy--though I'm trying to get over it.

19: *What is your favorite thing you have done in the last few months? I was in the musical Annie with Homeschool Performing Arts. That was definitely AWESOME!!!

20: If Elmo cam into your room with a gun, what would you do? I would think I was still dreaming, since Elmo is just a puppet and would not have the sense to know what to do with a gun. :)

Now, I award the following young ladies:

Leah and Abby (my wonderful sisters!) at Two Fairies in the Faith

Erin at Prelude in E

Megan at Straight and Narrow Way

Ashley at Strength through Weakness

Jenna at Feminine Farmgirl

I've only been on blogger for less than a year, so I don't really know many people yet. I'm supposed to tag/award 10. So the next five girls who comment on this post will also be able to be awarded/do the tag.

SO COMMENT AWAY!!! (I love comments, in case you didn't know. Also, you can comment even if you don't want to be awarded :)

In Christ,


children of the farm said...

Thank you soo much for tagging me in this award!! What a special award! <3
You're very sweet elizbeth.!!<3

Leah and Abby said...

Hey, ELizabeth,

I don't know if I agree with answer 7... You don't really share a room with her, you know. Anyways, be glad it's not a two-year-old.


Leah and Abby said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Like Leah said I don't really agree with answer 7... Be glad that you don't sleep with a two-year-old!!


Esther said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I would like to do this tag, it sounds fun!