Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Adorable Little Sisters

Okay, so in reality I four little sisters, but only two of them are actually "little". Naomi is 2, and Hannah is 4 1/2 mo. Since I haven't posted pictures of them in a while, and they change so quickly, I decided that you might like to see how big they're getting!

We put pig tails in Naomi's hair the other day... It was so cute! Makes her look so old, too!

Little mommy... Naomi will do to her doll everything Mom does to Hannah... it's so adorable to watch her. I think in this picture she's wrapping up her baby...

She found these (really old!) sunglasses in some drawer, and promptly put them on! What follows is her "smile" when you take out the camera... :)

And Hannah... I don't really need to say anything else!



Jenna said...

Oh Elizabeth, they're both so precious, but I LOVE the pictures of Hannah!!

Laura's already 18 months old, and we're ITCHING for another little one. If following the past "pattern", Mom would've had another one by's all in the Lord's hands, but I REALLY hope that there's another blessing coming!

Take lots of pictures and enjoy each day with her, since she's so little and will grow so fast!


Grandma Meigs said...


Naomi and Hannah are really beautiful! They look so similar - I don't remember you older girls looking so much alike! I can see each of you older girls in them in a different way.