Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Every other Thursday we do science co-op with four of our good homeschool family friends. There are six of us older kids who are doing biology this year. The other kids went to a science museum this time. We are currently doing dissections--these are pictures of when we dissected a frog. (I will spare you the pictures of the actual dissected frog-I'm sure a lot of you would not like to see them... :) I am really enjoy doing the dissections, though it becomes difficult when you can't find certain organs. Like when we dissected a perch, I couldn't find the heart... Just a minor organ, not very important... :)

One of the girls was not there, which is why there are only five of us...
Left to Right: Jonathan, Andrew, me, Erin, and Austin

Me, Erin, and Austin

Jonathan and Andrew



Jenna said...

I'm glad that the co-op is going well for you!!

Goodness, I wish that we could've gotten that aborted kid to you so that you could dissect it...we were amazed to see what it looked like at three months gestation...everything seemed so perfect.


Grandma Meigs said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Your biology group sounds great! I guess you inherited your parents science talents! I think it is wonderful that you can experience this class with such a nice group. Where do you get the animlals to disect?