Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I suppose a lot of you (if not all!) are wondering where I have been lately, and I'm sorry, I've just been really busy, mostly with Annie! The performance was almost 2 weekends ago, and I've been meaning to post about it, as well as to put pictures up for the longest time... but haven't gotten around to it. I will now do so. I had soooo much fun with the Annie performance!! I got to hang out with my friends the whole week, and I really enjoyed the songs and the dancing/choreography that went with them!!!! The weekend before show was super crazy (10-10 on Saturday!), but a lot of fun. We worked the songs over...and over...and well as figured out makeup, hair, found last-minute props, etc. The week of show was also crazy busy, having to be at the high school every day for at least 6 or 7 hours, sometimes more. Then opening night was here! It went super well, as did the rest of the four shows. I had a ton of fun being with friends so much that week, and I got to know a lot of really sweet girls. As far as the audience, Friday night was totally sold out--there wasn't even one seat left! And Saturday night there were only like 3 rows in the balcony left. Thursday night and Saturday afternoon were pretty full as well. I had a blast! Anyways, now for the pictures.
I played a New York swing dancer (I am in the front in the green)...
...A Hoovervillite (this is during the depression, so a hoovervillite is like a jobless, homeless person)(I am in a red and gray plaid top, with a dark brown skirt)...and a servant in Oliver Warbuck's mansion...

And this is Oliver Warbucks and Annie!
We also had the cast party on Monday night--that was so awesome!! We danced almost the whole night--country, square, we did a whole bunch of different ones. One of the guys brought his accordion and played for us. It was super fun!! Well, now you know about Annie. I am definitely looking forward to next year's performance!

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Jenna said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you had fun, though I'm awfully sorry that we missed it:( We know several families who went to see it, and they said it was EXCELLENT!!

Thank you for sharing those pictures! There's a few, where I thought you looked SO much like I guess that's sibling resemblance, right?!


p.s. We have to schedule a date SOON and get together:) You should come over here... that way it can be longer (we're not limited with our barn chores;).

And isn't it hard to believe that I've never seen little Hannah before? She must be getting big!

Grandma Meigs said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I am so glad that everything went well and you had a great time! As I mentioned in my email, I spent several hours reviewing the pictures and loved all of them, especially the one that featured you! I hope you received our enourtagement card before your performances.
Love, Grandma

Leah and Abby said...

Hi Elizabeth!!

You did great at annie. I am so proud of you!!!



Leah and Abby said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I think you did a great job in Annie. I know you worked hard on it. I am glad that you did Annie because now i want to too.

I love you!!



Amy Q said...

WOW these are amazing! hope there is a video we can watch next time we are up! or maybe when you come down! the kids are in Snoopy April 22-24 (hint hint!) Miss you all lots!
Have a wonderful day -- we look forward to more posts now that you aren't so busy! :)
The Q's

The Riefer Fam said...

OAT theatre (where we perform our shows) is putting on Annie this fall:) Maggie Hamacher is Annie--she was in SNoopy and all the other Fine Linen productions. The Q's know her too.
We will be performing Suessical this Spring which will be a huge production! I love the plays. Wish I could have seen yours:( I have been in 5 of Fine Linen's. You should come down to see Suessical!