Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Adorable Little Sisters

Okay, so in reality I four little sisters, but only two of them are actually "little". Naomi is 2, and Hannah is 4 1/2 mo. Since I haven't posted pictures of them in a while, and they change so quickly, I decided that you might like to see how big they're getting!

We put pig tails in Naomi's hair the other day... It was so cute! Makes her look so old, too!

Little mommy... Naomi will do to her doll everything Mom does to Hannah... it's so adorable to watch her. I think in this picture she's wrapping up her baby...

She found these (really old!) sunglasses in some drawer, and promptly put them on! What follows is her "smile" when you take out the camera... :)

And Hannah... I don't really need to say anything else!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Every other Thursday we do science co-op with four of our good homeschool family friends. There are six of us older kids who are doing biology this year. The other kids went to a science museum this time. We are currently doing dissections--these are pictures of when we dissected a frog. (I will spare you the pictures of the actual dissected frog-I'm sure a lot of you would not like to see them... :) I am really enjoy doing the dissections, though it becomes difficult when you can't find certain organs. Like when we dissected a perch, I couldn't find the heart... Just a minor organ, not very important... :)

One of the girls was not there, which is why there are only five of us...
Left to Right: Jonathan, Andrew, me, Erin, and Austin

Me, Erin, and Austin

Jonathan and Andrew


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I suppose a lot of you (if not all!) are wondering where I have been lately, and I'm sorry, I've just been really busy, mostly with Annie! The performance was almost 2 weekends ago, and I've been meaning to post about it, as well as to put pictures up for the longest time... but haven't gotten around to it. I will now do so. I had soooo much fun with the Annie performance!! I got to hang out with my friends the whole week, and I really enjoyed the songs and the dancing/choreography that went with them!!!! The weekend before show was super crazy (10-10 on Saturday!), but a lot of fun. We worked the songs over...and over...and well as figured out makeup, hair, found last-minute props, etc. The week of show was also crazy busy, having to be at the high school every day for at least 6 or 7 hours, sometimes more. Then opening night was here! It went super well, as did the rest of the four shows. I had a ton of fun being with friends so much that week, and I got to know a lot of really sweet girls. As far as the audience, Friday night was totally sold out--there wasn't even one seat left! And Saturday night there were only like 3 rows in the balcony left. Thursday night and Saturday afternoon were pretty full as well. I had a blast! Anyways, now for the pictures.
I played a New York swing dancer (I am in the front in the green)...
...A Hoovervillite (this is during the depression, so a hoovervillite is like a jobless, homeless person)(I am in a red and gray plaid top, with a dark brown skirt)...and a servant in Oliver Warbuck's mansion...

And this is Oliver Warbucks and Annie!
We also had the cast party on Monday night--that was so awesome!! We danced almost the whole night--country, square, we did a whole bunch of different ones. One of the guys brought his accordion and played for us. It was super fun!! Well, now you know about Annie. I am definitely looking forward to next year's performance!

In Christ,