Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amazing Statistics about our World

I was reading a book the other day called Serving with Eyes Wide Open. It is a fantastic book, and as I was reading it, I was amazed by these statistic. Don't just read them, think about them!!

~ Twenty percent of the world live on $1 a day.
~ Another twenty percent live on $2 a day.
~ Still another twenty percent live on over $70 a day.
~ The remaining forty percent are somewhere in between.

~ The combined income of the 447 wealthiest people in the world is more money than the combined income of 50% of the world's population. Did you catch that? 447 people have more money than the combined assets of 3.25 billion people in the world!

~ This story is from an American who has moved to Sierra Leone where he has become fully immersed as a local. After five years away from the United States, he describes the sickening experience he had during a brief visit to the States:

I resolved to sit on my mother's front porch and soak up some village life to remind myself of what I had left behind. It was Saturday. My mother's next-door neighbor, named Dave, brought out a leaf blower, a lawn mower, a leaf grinder, a mulcher, an edger, and a weed trimmer. He worked all day, making a terrific racket, chopping, trimming, and spraying toxins on a small patch of ground, which produced absolutely no food, only grass. The rest of the world spent the day standing in swamp water trying to grow a few mouthfuls of rice, while Dave sat on his porch with a cold beer admiring his chemical lawn. Sickening? You bet. It was time for him to go back to Africa.

~ Americans make up only 5% of the world, but we consume 50% of the world's resources. The problem of hunger in the world is not the earth's ability to produce food for 6.5 billion people; it's the inequitable distribution of food.

~Think about this story: Ravi is a seven-year old boy from Delhi, among the 95% of the world who aren't Americans. Ravi works ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week, shining shoes on the streets of Delhi. Ravi faces four years of bonded labor in order to pay back a $35 loan his parents took out for his sister's wedding. Ravi will spend the next four years paying off a debt that's less than what I spent on dinner out last night.

~More than two billion children live in our world, half in poverty.

~One of every four children has to work instead of going to school. And you complain because you don't like it??!!

~Only 8% of people in the world own a car.

~ A child dies of hunger every 16 seconds. And you complain because you don't like broccoli?

~ 40% of the world lacks basic sanitation facilities.

~ Over one billion people have unsafe drinking water.

These are just a few...if do some research, you will find many, many more. Think about them.


Jenna said...

Very thought provoking, Elizabeth! We don't have anything to complain about, do we?!


John said...

Does this mean you will not be complaining about what you get to eat for meals now? :)

Love Dad

Grandma Meigs said...


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