Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent Countdown: Snow and our Snow Fort

This is our snow fort. Well, to start, we got a lot of snow (I mean a really lot!) about a week ago. It was just like snowstorm after snowstorm, and most public and Christian schools were closed for three days straight. It would be snowy in the evening, and then you would wake up in the morning to find four more inches of snow! Well, eventually, we got to the point where in most places it was a good foot deep, if not a foot and a half! And then, on Saturday night, it got really warm (well, like 35 degrees or something), and it rained. The next morning, Leah and I went out to go take care of the chickens. It was really good packing snow, and we asked Dad if we could stay out for 10 or 15 minutes and play in the snow. He agreed. Five minutes later, we were pelted with snowballs. Dad had decided to come out with us. So we decided to make a snow fort. Dad rolled the snowballs, we stacked them, and filled in the cracks. Then we smoothed it out, and carved windows and a cross in it. Dad said it was the coolest snow fort he had ever built! It was really awesome. Now we are hoping it won't melt in the warm weather that is coming. But Dad said he thinks it will stay up in some form or another until at least January, as most places of the wall are 6-8 inches thick. I am really enjoying our snow!

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Jenna said...

Wow Elizabeth and family, that is the most impressive snow fort that I have ever seen!

I like to stay inside during the winter other than running out twice a day to do my barn chores...maybe I should brave it, and build a fort when we get more snow?!