Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Morning Naomi...

Well, as I'm sure most all of you know by know, Mom just had a baby, and so we are not going to church this morning (that's why all this happened). Well, anyways, we made buttermilk pancakes and sausage this morning. And, of course, we had syrup. Well, for those of you who have little ones at your house, you know that syrup and two-year-olds do not go together without a very sticky mess. But she really wanted that syrup, so we decided that to minimize the mess that was sure to come, we put it in a very small bowl on her plate, so the syrup would not spill all over. Everything was fine for almost the whole breakfast. Almost. I just happened to glance at 2-year-old Naomi sitting in her high chair... She was holding the bowl up to her face and drinking the syrup!

Everyone started laughing. (though we really shouldn't have, because that made her do it again) :)

Then I had to clean her up. It took a little bit.

You're laughing, or at least smiling, aren't you?

Funny Addition: Naomi woke up from her nap this afternoon, and was complaining that the back of her head hurt. Now, Naomi doesn't usually complain about something unless it truly hurts. So, we looked at the back of her head. Her hair was crunchy at the bottom. There was syrup in her hair (that we knew nothing about this morning). So we washed her hair.

Now you're smiling even more, aren't you?


Jenna said...

I am smiling!! That was very well written Elizabeth, and I totally agree: Syrup and 2 year olds DO NOT GO TOGETHER lol!

Sometimes we laugh at something that Anna, Natalie or even Laura do and we really shouldn''s so naughty but FUNNY:)

Have a great week,

Karen said...

Way to go Naomi!!! The best way to eat pure maple syrup. Love it!

Mrs. S.