Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bike Trails and Ice Cream Stores!

This weekend, we have kind of been having a "vacation". We are just staying at home, but Dad took Thursday and Friday off work, and Monday is labor day. Since we have not and are not going to go on vacation, this is it! So we are just hanging out this weekend. Ever since Dad got a trailer for our bikes, we have enjoyed trying new bike trails around the outskirts of our city. Anyways, this morning we traveled about 15 minutes away to try a new bike trail. Once we got there, we realized that it was only 3.6 miles one way, but that was fine since we have already been on some other ones this weekend, and with Mom being pregnant, she doesn't want to go to far. It was a beautiful trail that traveled right along the river, and we saw a heron and lots of turtles. It was beautiful, and we had a great time! On the way home, Mom and Dad suprised us and took us to the ice cream store! It was delicious! 20-month old Naomi enjoyed holding her own cone for the first time! (We gave in after hearing her say "Hod it! Hod it!" about a million times! :P)Here are some pics (we brought the camera but forgot to take pictures of biking so I only have pictures of the ice cream part!)

Leah's favorite is soft serve orange!

Dad's favorite is soft serve twist!

Abby is enjoying her orange ice cream!

Learning how to use her tongue and not her fingers! :P (with chocolate of course!)

Using her tongue for the napkin, too?!?!



Amy Q said...

Oh how we miss great ice cream cones!!! you would think farther south they would do more ice cream but no... DQ doesn't cut it for me!!! THANKS for "sharing"!
hugs to all

children of the farm said...

Very cute pictures. Ice-cream is one of my very favorite parts about Summer!!:) There is an old general store close to our farm where we like to get ice-cream on hot days. Isn't it funny how simple things like ice-cream outings create some of the sweetest memories? God is good.