Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cousin's Camp!

On Monday, I returned from my grandparent's condo on lake Michigan. Since Friday night, we have been hanging out at the condo with Grammy, Pa, and the cousins, Adam, Anna, and Laura. Grammy officially named this gathering Cousin's Camp. We had a whole lot of fun. We arrived around 11 pm Friday night. Saturday's weather was cold, rainy, and windy, much to the disappointment of all of us. Because of the icky weather, we went to the indoor pool in the morning, and the candy shop in the afternoon. (and of course got a lot of candy!) Sunday morning again was wet and cold and windy, though not as much, so we went swimming indoors again. However, by the time we came out (around lunchtime), it was a little bit warmer and mostly sunny! We were all very thankful to see the sun! After lunch, we took a drive to Magoon Creek beach. There we found a lot of beach glass! We did not bring swimsuits, as it was only about 65 degrees, but it still felt really warm. On the way home we stopped at a fabulous ice cream shop (I got Raspberry Chip Cheesecake-delicious!). Once home we decided that though it was only 67 degrees according to the car's outdoor thermometer, we would go swimming at our beach. We had a great time in the small waves. After dinner, we went back to the beach and fished off the pier. Then we had a campfire at the beach and had smores. Delicious! The following morning, we had a BEACH CHALLENGE. It was so much fun! We were divided up into two teams: Inkwazi (the name of Grammy and Pa's fishing boat), and Salt Lick (the name of Grammy and Pa's hunting property). A few of the things we had to do were: make one team member into an animal out of sand (i.e. a turtle, butterfly, whale, etc.), make a sand castle, have a three-legged race in the sand, and take a can of whip cream and make a team member into an animal (the other team has to guess what they are--hilariously funny! We had a fun time!


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