Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small Group Campout!

Today we just got home from our friend's house. We have a small group with five other families, and every year, as a tradition, we go to our friend's house and have a camp out. We sleep in tents in the backyard, but have the house too (bathrooms, etc...). We set up the tents Friday night around 7 then went swimming (they live on a small lake and have a HUGE backyard!). We had an awesome time that included boccie ball, dutch horseshoes, an obstacle course Jonathan and I made (the adults had to do it too!), great meals, TONS of swimming, rafting, kayaking, jumping on the trampoline, playing on the rope swing, and just HANGING OUT with great friends! Also, Saturday was Mom's 40th birthday so we celebrated with cake and ice cream! Although I am the oldest of the kids by a year (the youngest is 19 months old--quite a variety of ages!), I still had sooooo much fun this weekend. I really appreciate all the work (and food planning) that went into this awesome weekend! I love building up friendships! Saturday we went swimming like three times (and made a very tiring obstacle course). Sunday we had our own church service in the living room (we usually have it by the beach, but it was raining :( ). It only rained a little bit on and off over the weekend (which was a great relief--it had been forcasted to thunderstorm!). Anyways, thanks everyone for making it such a fun time!


P.S. I will post pictures later. We were so busy having fun we took like only three, so I'll have everyone email me them theirs and then post them asap...

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Jenna said...

Sounds like fun Elizabeth:) Big age ranges are SO fun...I think that little ones bring a whole lot of joy and laughing into the event!!!

God Bless,