Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cherry Picking!

Our family is a huge fan of cherries. We just love them. So, we went and picked sweet cherries a few days ago! We had a lot of fun, and pick 33 lbs to eat! We are also planning to pick tart cherries for pies and jam. Naomi even enjoyed picking them! Anyways, we had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures...

Everyone all together with the cherries! (Mom's taking the picture)

Naomi (18 mo) discovered she loved picking cherries from lower branches
(and then eating them!)


Abby and Leah are posing - a perfect picture!

Our total: 33 lbs!



Jenna said...

What a fun family project!! It was cute to see Naomi right in there helping:)


children of the farm said...

Hi Elizabeth!
I was excited to find your blog this evening. I'll enjoy reading it! I want to ask Gabe for your address so I can write you sometime-- I'd like to get to know you better. You seem very sweet, and I can tell you love the Lord with all your heart! Keep serving Him!