Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Shower!

Last night we had a baby shower for my aunt! She is pregnant with her first, and we are all really excited for her. I was in charge of planning the games, and one in particular was really fun. You divide the players into teams of two. The both get blindfolded. One person is the "mommy" and one person is the "baby". The "mommy" has to feed the "baby" baby food with a baby spoon. The trick is that they're both blindfolded, so the "babies" ended up with baby food everywhere--from their chest to their ears to their forehead! Anyways, that was a really fun game. Also, we made pages for a scrapbook of the new baby. So that once my aunt has her baby, all she has to do is put in the pictures of the baby and journal; the pages are all decorated. With nine people working, they got finished really quickly! We also had dinner and zucchini cake. (And presents of course!) I am working on sewing the new baby a sleep sac. It isn't quite finished, but I will post pictures once it's done... Anyways, we had a whole lot of fun!


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